Re: Multitasking - is it worth it?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 2, 2008

I am very effective: (today anyway)

*** Subtask display *** =20
Subtask % CPU =20
Name Elapsed time Total CPU time effectiveness =20
-------- -------------- -------------- ------------- =20
MAINTASK 01:04:01.9232 01:01:33.6000 96 =20
V1 ENTER NEXT TASK CODE: CA-IDMS release 16.0 node PIDMS1 =20

My problem is an overloading of the system during our month end =
processing. With CPU running at 100% I can see that tasks are sitting in =
IDMS waiting on EREECB. IDMS itself is getting good service but batch =
jobs are not responding after they are posted by IDMS.=20

I can see that the problem lies with too many initiators and too much =
other work running. We also have DB2 and various other services are =
competing for CPU.

Unfortunately IDMS is alwys the whipping boy because it is not from IBM =
and management perceive any problem in throughput as an IDMS problem. I =
am under pressure to come up with ""something"" even though I don't =
believe that IDMS is the actual problem.

I am not keen to reduce dataspaces or buffers to push IDMS into a more =
I/O bound situation because it performs exceptionally well 95% of the =
time. Our month end is the big killer. =20