Re:Multitasking - is it worth it?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 2, 2008
I have a system which is purely Batch and CICS. There is no IDMS DC or ADS.

Would multitasking bring me any advantage or would it just be an overhead?

R16 SP6 . Z/OS 1.9. 4 processor large IBM thing - I lose track of the model=

My system is well buffered and uses dataspaces extensively CPU availability=
is my issue. There is no paging and I/O is not a problem.

Thanks for any tips.


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Re: Multitasking - is it worth it?
"I don't know, I would suspect even without DC or ADSO, you would still have ""MPMODES"" of ANY, DB, & DRIVER, So if your TCB was in a mode, your CPU would be doing that process and another mpmode could not start until the TCB becomes available. Now weather the ""cost are more than the benefits"" this may be hard to determine, you can only look to see if multiple tasks are on the ""ready' chain. The other question, if one has multiple CPU engines are all (always 100% busy) and the 1-15% is based on the amount of CPU your CV is using. I would think the lower you CPU footstep the higher the overhead would be. So since you have by having multiple TCB's available you would better be able to maximize you processor for its available engines.

And if the concept of Multiprocessing did not have benefits - why is CICS going to threadsafe (multiple TCB's for CICS?) Perhaps CA could answer in on this question? In addition if one has a CPU burning task, it would stop other tasks from getting to that TCB until, it would issue complete its use of that TCB. I don't know if you could effectively measure that.

Unfortunately if one is not running MP mode, other than seeing multiple task on the ready chain, providing your monitor is at a high dispatch priority to even see this.