Re:FW: Multitasking - is it worth it?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 3, 2008

I 100% agree with Don Casey. The problem is to implement it in WLM correctly.

Do you have access to WLM definitions?
You better do... to analyze them carefully before discussion with MVS guys and pinpoint some strange stuff penalizing the IDMS CV/ IDMS Batch CV process.

Back to MT . I am afraid you use only DBMODE in your CV as you pass only DB requests to IDMS. You don't run any user code in IDMS, process code is sitting in CICS (CICS-EXEC) and in BTCH. So MT will just create overhead.
Don't forget that if you have any user Assembler program in the CV, you need to check if they are MPMODE compliant before switching to MT.

I would suggest pursuing with RMFWDM to check the delays in the BTCH jobs.

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