FW: Multitasking - is it worth it?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 3, 2008

I 100% agree with Don Casey. The problem is to implement it in WLM =

Do you have access to WLM definitions?=20
You better do... to analyze them carefully before discussion with MVS =
guys and pinpoint some strange stuff penalizing the IDMS CV/ IDMS Batch =
CV process.

Back to MT . I am afraid you use only DBMODE in your CV as you pass only =
DB requests to IDMS. You don't run any user code in IDMS, process code =
is sitting in CICS (CICS-EXEC) and in BTCH. So MT will just create =
Don't forget that if you have any user Assembler program in the CV, you =
need to check if they are MPMODE compliant before switching to MT.

I would suggest pursuing with RMFWDM to check the delays in the BTCH =

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