*** CA IDMS Version 17 Webcast ***

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Get the scoop on version 17 at this webcast!

Terry Schwartz

What is New in CA IDMS r17?

28 Oct 2008
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. USA EST

CA IDMS r17 will soon be generally available for z/OS. This new release
of CA IDMS will continue the long-standing tradition of providing
exceptional business value for enterprise database management. CA IDMS
r17 features address your most-pressing challenges such has better
usability to offset shrinking mainframe skills and improved total cost
of ownership.

* Do you have mission critical applications powered by CA IDMS at
your site today?
* Would your organization benefit from increased CP capacity without
incurring hardware and software upgrade costs?
* Are you required to enable increased SOA participation for CA IDMS
data and business logic?
* Are you challenged to be more productive while increasing the
availability and performance of your CA IDMS systems?

If you say ""yes"" to any of these, then plan to attend this session to
hear about the features and benefits of this major new release of the CA
IDMS family of products.
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Re: *** CA IDMS Version 17 Webcast ***
"If you are outside North America, then It may be worth checking the
exact time of this webcast at your location. (It is scheduled for 11am
Eastern time.)

The reason is that the daylight-saving clock changes have occurred in
Europe and other parts of the world (Sunday), but in North America the
clock change will not occur until 2nd November.=20

It has caused me confusion already. But that's not unusual... <sigh!>..