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Your theory is correct. I have used that method in the past to =
unload/reload with a CALC change.

What happens is that the target page is calculated at the time of =
extract, when you reload the CALC record, it will be sorted by target =
page but you will end up storing it ion the correct page.
The ""good"" news is the VIA records are stored direct and then connected =
afterwards, so that will be fast, the bad news is they will not be =
stored next to the CALC records.

By using the new CALC definition during the unload, you will get both =
the CALC and VIA record target pages calculated correctly.

Tommy Petersen

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Dear Listers

I have a large DB with a mixture of CALC and VIA records and loads of =
indexes. I wish to change the key of the CALC records.

If I unload/reload it with an old subschema and a new subschema then =
unload/reload is perfectly capable of getting the answer right. =
(Although I need to check because I never got it to finish before the =
ops had to cancel it in the night).

However because the calculation for the suggested dbkey position is =
based on the values in the old subschema - it is in the manual look it =
up - then the suggested dbkeys for the records in the unloaded file are =
completely wrong for the new calc keys and by association the VIA =
records as well.
After the sort IDMSDBL2 valiantly stores all the records in the new DB =
but of course it takes for ever because the sort order is wrong and you =
end up with a random storing pattern instead of the usual sequential =
albeit backwards storing of the records in the new DB. But the CALC =
records do end up on the right page. I have yet to check whether the vIA =
records end up in the right page.

I have a theory. I don't think that Unload will ever issue an obtain =
I also think that no checking goes on of whether an existing CALC record =
actually has the right key. If that is true, then I should be able to =
change the old subschema to the new CALC values and use it for both the =
Unload and the Reload and the answer will be correct and fast. Obviously =
as soon as I change the old subschema then I would not be able to =
legally find any CALC records but if I just Unload it...

What do the listers think?

This DB is relatively large at around 12 Million records spread over 8 =
record types - 3 CALC and 5 VIA - plus a ridiculous 25 indexes and I am =
limited with testing time. I am going to test my theory when I get a =
slot unless someone can tell me that I am already wrong. That would save =
me a lot of effort.



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Re: Unload/Reload Calc change
"Good Morning America

I have successfully run and checked with DBAN and indeed this slightly ""illegal"" use of Unload does work.Even the VIA records appear to be on the correct pages.

My run time of 5 hours on a busy machine compares very favourably with the previous run time of - cancelled after 18 hours only 5% of the way through IDMSDBL2 on an empty machine.

Well done Tommy for thinking of it first. I think it should be put in the manual.

Or perhaps everybody else had already thought of it except me? Better late than never. I like it!

Swiss Chris