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CICS startup

well, since i am not familiar with what you are talking about, I will
gess the asnwer is ... NO can you point me (in doc) to what you are

Chris Hoelscher
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Re: cics to idms lu62 connectivity failure on CICS startup
"Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but in the CA-IDMS System
Operations manual section 14.4.8 CICS Resynchronization Task Execution
is were you will find all you care to about resync program, I believe it
came out in 15.0 or earlier 16.0. Do a search on IDMSCSYN to find it
quickly. Short description below:

Resynchronization between a CICS interface and an Advantage CA-IDMS

central version is done through execution of a resynchronization

transaction defined to CICS. The Advantage CA-IDMS installation default

name for this transaction is RSYN. The resynchronization transaction is

associated with a resynchronization program whose installation default

name is IDMSCSYN. A separate resynchronization transaction and program

must be created for each CICS interface module (IDMSINTC) that is used

within a CICS system and the name of the transaction must be specified
in =20
the RSYNTXN parameter of the interface's CICSOPT macro. Failure to
define =20
the CICS resynchronization transaction causes any task attempting to
open =20
a database session for which AUTOCMT is enabled to fail with an abend
code =20
of K209. =20

Steve Harmeson