my first caveat for IDMS release 17

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perhaps we are the only shop in the world still doing this, but we still
have a COBOL II runtime environment coded in our CV steplib. Yesterday
CA confirmed that this is not permitted - IDMS will require LE runtime
environment for internal processing, and it can not be concatenated
behind the COBOL II runtime environment. Once again, this may affect no
one other than us, but I thought I would mention this

PS - for us, we were in the process of changing over, but out prod is
still COBOL II while our test is LE - so it should not be a biggie!

Chris Hoelscher
Senior IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator Humana Inc

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Re: my first caveat for IDMS release 17

We have had the LE load library for years and we run VSE COBOL, COBOL II
and LE COBOL in our CV's, Test, QA, and Prod.
No problems.

Steve Harmeson