Deadlocks on a specific pages

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Hi Everyone:

We are having a lot of deadlocks on some specific pages. We analize at
the record level what we have, and we have a calc record and via records
on the same area, and in the chains there are more than 100 recors via
for any calc owner.The order in the set is next. There is a lot of
stores of the via records. The chains updated are for differents calc
records , there is not a concentration on only one calc record. I
checked the print space and notice that in the total of 710,000 pages I
have 12 logicaly fullpages for at least one week, that means that we
are not falling on logically full pages periodically. The area is only
25% full in total, there is a lot of space, but there is a lot of
deadlocks pointing on some pages. I pint the pages and its look like
they are o.k. I'm still try to figure out whats going on, I'm thinking
what is better, to run unload/reload with a page reserve big enough, or
on the other hand unload/reload and decrease the page size of the pages.
What can I check to make take the correct decision . Any ideas and how
to proceed or what to analize to detect the problem ?? I also checked
and I don't see any run unit spending a lot of time taking the area, or
any exclusive update use of the area. Any help wil be great!!!


J. Sotela
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Re: Deadlocks on a specific pages

The big question is what kind of a deadlock? Space management or
individual record deadlock?

Also, are these/this record variable? =20

One other question, how distributed are the calc records? Even across
the area or clustered among some page portion of the area?

We have deadlock problems, but it's because we have multiple
transactions storing the same record type with the same calc key. Can't
change so they've programmed around the problem.


Richard Pierce
(617) 973-8911