reverse engineer a load module to object module ?

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just ran into something - i am contemplating taking a load module and
trying to load it into the dictionary - is there an IBM (or other) that
reverses a LOAD MODULE to a corresponding LOAD MODULE (.ESD and .TXT


Chris Hoelscher
Senior IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator Humana Inc

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Re: reverse engineer a load module to object module ?
"Chris - did a ""Google"" search and located this - HTH - cheers - Gary=20

Tachyon File Tools User's Guide - Chapter 417 Mar 2001 ... Any type of
mainframe data set may be extracted in dump format. .... Tachyon Un-
Xmit can extract load library members as object files by ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

This is the option you would be interested in:

Tachyon Un-Xmit can extract load library members as object files by
delinking them. The resulting object files can be relinked using either
a mainframe binder or linkage editor or the Tachyon Linkage Editor. One
object file will be created for each load library member that is
extracted. =20

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