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I have been asked to provide a report on number of users logged on
during a period of time, along with a HWM figure for number users logged
on during a given period of time.

I have looked at Perfmon, DC statistic reports and dcmt display
statistics. The closest thing I find is maxconns.

I am not sure why this project needs this. I have tried to tell them it
is not the number of users, but the number of tasks that IDMS is more
concerned with.

The folks who are asking are coming from an Oracle client server

Anyone been asked to provide this? Got a canned report they would be
willing to share? I suppose lterms in use would be what I would focus

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Statistics question.
"We have a process that every hour on the hour examines the signed on
Users and does a count by Agency (based on first character of User Id
and a ""catch all"") and then writes this out to SMF. Once a month this
data is gleaned from SMF, and imported to XLS to give us an interesting
User Usage Profile. Only problem is the User written SVC to do the SMF
write! But it works for us.

I've seen some of the other suggestions and depending on what your
specific requirement is they ought to work. Note the inspection of the
log wouldn't work at our shop because we have modified the sign on /
sign off message to NOT be output to the log (to reduce traffic in
DDLDCLOG which had become a bottleneck for us).

Cheers - Gary

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