Re: Mysterious occurrences of 0226 status code

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 22, 2009
Thanks Doug,

DBAN and DB-Audit both find errors. The big puzzle here is how did the
chains get broken.


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It sounds as though the only reasonable explanation is corruption in the
calc chain set. When the erase tries to use a calc set dbkey to find
another record, it is not able to find the record. Running DBAN should
identify the problem, but not necessarily the cause of it.

We had a bad calc set pointer about 10 years ago, but that was an
isolated problem. If this is happening to you repeatedly, that is
worrisome. If there have been no obvious recovery failures, you might
suspect some instability in your I/O subsystem (disk pages not being
written and changes being lost?), or else some sort of storage overlay
issue. As usual, the most useful question to ask is ""What has changed
recently in our processing environment?"" And of course C.A. has some
excellent IDMS support staff. I'm sure they'll give you all the help
they can.

Best of luck,