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Greetings list,

We are currently on IDMS r16.2 and have a WebLogic application accessing
it, and with great success. This is done thru an TCP/IP connection.
There is now a project underway to do a proof of concept to have an IDMS
program access an Oracle, or SQL Server database.
I have been doing my homework and see that it can be done. Now I'm
trying to put together the pieces on the IDMS side for a very simple
test to pass one piece of data, and get a simple message saying it was
received. =20
Being the mainframe bigot that I am, I thought it best to check with
this group for ideas and recommendations, before jumping into the pond.
So any ideas, war stories, victory dances, and recommendations would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Del Barlett
IDMS DBA for the State of New Hampshire
IDMS 3rd-party providers forum


Re: Mysterious occurrences of 0226 status code
"No, I'm the only one that maintains the DMCL, and that particular area
hasn't been touched in years.

But thanks for the thought.

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Is it possible that you had a DMCL installed, (even for a brief time,
long enough for some rogue updates), that had the incorrect page ranges?
If the start page was the same, IDMS would open the area without an
argument, but if the number of pages was wrong, that would throw off the
CALC algorithm.

I can't say for certain that this would cause that exact error, but I
think it might.

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