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Everything said so far is true, but I think the basic reason is these
are loaded by the operating system, not the DC loader. The operating
system does not know about CDMSLIB, only STEPLIB.

By segregating these modules to a different dataset, you are able to
authorize the STEPLIB dataset, without having to have application code
execute out of an authorized library.

Don Casey
Run Right, LLC

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Hi Chris,

The setup to run IDMS as an authorized program required RHDCTCKR,

RHDCCKUR, and the startup module to be in an authorized library and for

that library to be the only entry in STEPLIB. Additionally, you would to

have specified the letter 'Y' as a startup parm, I believe it was

something like position 11 or 12, it is still documented. This would

only work for very old releases. With the newer releases of IDMS, 15 and

up, the IDMS system will turn off the JSCB bit which forces the IDMS

region to be unauthorized.