Factors to take into account when deciding whether to create a new producti

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 6, 2009
There are plans to significantly increase the number of users, possibly thousands, defined to our IDMS application. Many of the existing users
and a high proportion of the new users will be retrieval only. Currently we have approximately 3500 users, where the most we see signed on
concurrently is 580 or so. We kick them off after 20 minutes inactivity. The users we currently have defined are the ""core"" stakeholders, and I
expect the new users will not be signed on as long or do as much activity with the application.

I am aware of some of the issues when having a retrieval CV. What may appear to be broken chains to the retrieval CV unless the buffers are
shared with the update system, the application would have to be adjusted slightly to eliminate any updates during signon etc.
From the performance point of view, we don't have max tasks exceeded, no SOS type issues and excellent response time overall. My expectation is
that we could add these new users into the existing update CV, scale the maximum number of concurrent users appropriately, and there would be no
negative impact, except possibly for an increase in the size of pool 128 which contains SH,SK,US,UK types. However I would like to know what the
major benefits are in having a retrieval CV and what I should monitoring in the update CV that will indicate a retrieval CV would be worth considering.

Thank you all for the information.
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Re: Factors to take into account when deciding whether to create a new production Retrieval CV
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