more 17.0 notes (does anyone really want to see these?)

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1) if you run ASG Pre-Alert - you must be on release 4.6 to support/expoit

r 17 if you monitor storage Pools for % full - talk to ASG

2) a little bird whispered in my ear ... that CA is doing away with

bookmanager doc for IDMS starting with V next - unless there is a major

resistance movement from the IDMS community - does anyone still use

mainframe bookmanger format files as a documentation repository (i know i


3) stay current on fixes - more are being cut every day!

4) even though not technically required - regenerate/link your DMCLs /

DBtables as soon as possible in 17.0

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Re: more 17.0 notes (does anyone really want to see these?)
"Great. I still use BookManager a lot for the z/OS, z/VM abd VSE
documentation because we are an ISV and I keep multiple current old versions
of the above operating systems running where most of the docs provided were
still in BookManager format.

I agree that the PDF format and search for the number of CA IDMS manuals is
easy and worth using. Now if only the CA IDMS PDF files were always named
with the real manual titles things would be even better since one often
knows the manual ones wants by Title but can't remember the cryptic number
of it.

Yours truly,

John Abell

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