2 more ""opportunities"" in release 17

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I have adopted a new signature tag based on the events of this past
weekend - Sunday was fine - Monday all heck broke loose - due to lack of
application check-out testing after the upgrade on Sunday - several apps
were down most of Monday - due to things we could not have tested for in
testing environments, but could have been discovered Sunday had the apps
been tested Sunday </soapbox>

1) back for Y2K - our site wrote some ADS BIFs - the extended RHDCEVBF,
the XDE table, and the code itself - under 15 prod - the code program
was NOT sysgen'd and all worked well - under 17 - it needs to be

2) we maintain 2 read-only CVs for handling all CICS read-only and much
CV2CV read only traffic - these are defined as CVs 73 and 75 (one on
LPAR) each with its own DMCL, its own SYSTEM number,, but a shared CV
NUMBER - this allows only 1 INTC module, one node for the resource
- the end result was - didn't matter what LPAR you were on - if you
wanted to get to CV75 - you would end up on a CV (either CV73 or 75,
both defined with CV NUMBER 75)

however in release 17 - the two-phase commit process requires a NODE for
CV73 (defined with CV# of 75) to complete the synchronization process -
as soon as we added this, everything worked great (did not need to
change the resource table nor relink any CICS programs)

Chris Hoelscher
Senior IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator Humana Inc

you only need to test the programs that you want to work correctly

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"Re: 2 more ""opportunities"" in release 17"

I did not think 2 CV's on one LPAR could have the same Cvnumber, 2nd CV
would crash at startup, I have had this happen in 16.0 (and earlier
releases) on z/OS 1.9.