R17 upgrade - SVC problem

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 4, 2009
When our MVS systems programmer implemented the new SVC for R17 this
weekend with an IPL, it broke the old SVC currently in use by all of our
R16 CV's. They all abended at startup with ""SEF3"" (SVC 243, which is
the R16 SVC). We backed out the new SVC, then the old one worked OK.

Any ideas about what we might have done wrong?

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Re: R17 upgrade - SVC problem
"Kay, there are a lot of reasons for an SEnn abend. Too many to list. It
also depends on how far up the 16.0 CV came. Did the SEF3 abend happen
immediately or were there IDMS messages prior to the abend. Was the 17.0
SVC the same number as the 16.0 SVC and when you loaded the SVC 243, did
you also run the CAIRIM for that same SVC 243 with the VERSION GJG0 <--
to run 17.0 and 16.0 - both VERSIONs must be loaded into a CPU.
And the #SVCOPTS is also important.
I could resolve this for you if you open an issue. We see a lot of these
and it has become simple for us to resolve these issues. Level 1 will
probably resolve it quite easily.
Ed McKinney
L2 Support