Another SVC ""learning opportunity""

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Do not, under any circumstances, do a refresh of your current production SVC
while the CV's are up. It will sever all batch, CICS, and UCF connections
to the CV's. The only solution is to cycle all of the CV's.

Gaining wisdom the hard way,

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"Re: Another SVC ""learning opportunity"""
"I had that experience as well while performing an IDMS Installation at a
Client site. While loading the new SVC for the new release the Systems
Programmer ran the entire CAS9 (CAIRIM) procedure, received the message that
the existing SVC was already loaded and decided to refresh it while two CV's
were up and running. Strange thing was that they did not abort, they just
stopped and in our case no one could access them. A quick recycle solved
that issue but the research as to why it happened took a number of hours.

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