CA IDMS & z/OS 1.10

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Hi everyone,

We will be upgrading our opsys this summer from z/OS 1.8 to 1.10. Has
anyone else gone this route? do you have any suggetions of things to
look out for?

Thank you,
Laura Rochon
Ajilon Consulting
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Re: CA IDMS & z/OS 1.10
"QI82743 addresses the change to z/OS 1.9 where AllowUserKeyCSA default
changed to 'no' where it used to be 'yes'. This is of course also
applicable to z/OS 1.10.

In z/OS 1.10, the COBOL LE environment changed. We had a problem with
excessive calls to module CEEROPT which killed our performance in a high
rate OLTP CV. This occurs when a COBOL, PL/I or LE-compliant assembler
program does a dynamic CALL to another program or the CA IDMS system,
the CA IDMS program may access a dictionary load area to try to find the
program. We're on 16.0 SP1 and CA provided a ZAP (TB96838) to prevent
the calls so we wouldn't have to change the SYSGEN for all our programs
from DYNAMIC to NODYNAMIC. Later we found out a system programmer had
changed the default for CEEROPT in PARMLIB(CEEPRM00) from 'COMPAT' to
'ALL'. IBM recommended it be changed back to COMPAT. The zap is still in
place but I think the change to Parmlib may have caused the problem.

We were in production one day until the CEEROPT problem forced us to
drop back. We're waiting for a window to go again.

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