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I'm confused by the phrase ""after we have gone thru all 8 journals"".

Do you mean after normal activity has kicked off 8 offloads? If so, the
pattern here would be ""normal""; if when j2jrnl and j3jrnl were offloaded
there were long-running run-units active at the time of the offload,
causing a bunch of BFOR images to be left in the prior segment(s).
These should go away with the next offload/compress.

Have you gone through successive offloads (of the same journal) and the
stuff is still there?

Don Casey

Principal Consultant

Run Right, LLC


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Subject: Journal question

We are running R16 sp7. Is there a utility to print the active
We had a region abend with a 3985 and after we have gone thru all 8
journals the display still shows STUFF in 4 of the journals..


Disk Journal Segno LoRBN HiRBN NxRBN Ful Act Rcv Arc Stat DsRBN
J1JRNL 1993 1245 50000 43981 NO YES NO NO 0 46246
J2JRNL 1986 14527 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

J3JRNL 1987 23816 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

J4JRNL 1988 10 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

J5JRNL 1989 11 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

J6JRNL 1990 13 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

J7JRNL 1991 9 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

J8JRNL 1992 12 50000 ****** NO NO NO NO 0

We are going to format the journals to clean up the mess but I am just
wondering what can be done to find out what is there...

Any suggestions are welcome.....


George H Lewandowski
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Re: Journal question
"I agree with Don, I see this all the time on some of my production CV's
that have high LORBN's till the next time it is offloaded. If it has
been offloaded again since, then yes you would have a problem.

Steve Harmeson=20