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Hello Everyone,

One of our programmers contacted me asking about debugging a COBOL IDMS/DC program. We have ADS-Alive and On-Line Bugger for dialogs and IDMS/COBOL batch programs we have IDMS Trace. Is there any tools or methods for debugging this type of program. Thanks for your help.

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Re: IDMS / COBOL Debugging Tools
"We use ASG Smart Test with the IDMS option (originally from Viasoft, which ASG bought quite awhile ago). Anyway, it is very effective in debugging IDMS batch programs. If you don't have Smart test, debugging an IDMS COBOL trace is just like any other COBOL program: put displays in the appropriate points in the program and take it from there. If the program is abending, then standard dump reading skills are required. To find data fields in the dump, you will need the program compiled with at least the MAP option, and then using TGT to find the base locators for the fields needed, you can find the data you need. That is all I can tell you since your question is so general in nature. If you programmer has a specific problem, then post it here and perhaps we can help further.

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