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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jun 24, 2009
Since LE moved into IDMS-DC the Cobol DISPLAY verb works fine. There's just
a couple of hints that might help:

1) Always put the program name issuing the DISPLAY first - followed by the
relevant debugging information - such as whether start/end of a routine and
the input/output at the start and the end - and so forth
2) For Development (and QA) put a ""D"" in the Cobol Comment column and
compile with the DEBUG option - when the program runs the DISPLAYs verbs
will execute
3) For Production - leave the ""D"" for DISPLAY (actually for DEBUG) lines in
but remove the DEBUG compile option - and the DISPLAYs will be bypassed.

Done in this manner it saves putting the DISPLAYs in and taking them out all
of the time (and as mentioned in other posts you always miss at least one
debugging statement) - while giving you useful debug information in your
development environment and by not putting a whole lot of cr@p out in

HTH - cheers - Gary

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