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I can't find this in the documentation. I know that doesn't mean it's
not = there; it's just hiding from me. How do you send a message to all
signed o= n users in a CV from the operator's console=3F This is
release 16, SP 4 on= Z/OS 1.09. Your help will be most
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Re: OS Command to Send Message Immediate
"You should also be able to do this from the console by replying to the WTO and appending 99 to the front of the command e.g. 99SEND A ...
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From: Dan Hall (GE Comm Fin)
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Subject: Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] OS Command to Send Message Immediate

I don't think there is a command to send a message to all users from the
operator's console. You can do it from a terminal within the CV using
the SEND command. The format is: SEND A IMMediate msg_text

The A in the command tells IDMS to send it to all signed on users.

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