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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 22, 2009
Thanks to Tommy's and Peter's suggestion, I am now getting a clean compile.
But I don't seem to be getting a valid pointer back at run time. Can anyone
provide a way to convert the pointer to a displayable format? Or better
yet, some sample code that uses the pointer parameter for ""get scratch""?

I wish the storage interface had separate ""get"" and ""put"" commands, like the
scratch and queue interfaces do. I am having some difficulty determining
which parameters apply to which situation.

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Re: Get storage
"Actually, it works just fine. I compiled and tested it on our system here
before I posted it, and the results are exactly what I expect.

The RCE that gets allocated for the storage says that the length of the
storage allocated is x'C380' bytes long, which turns out to be 50048. 50048
equals 128 times 391. (Storage is allocated in 128 byte segments, so 391 *
128 is 50048.) In the storage itself are the results of the STRING command
indicating that 50000 bytes of storage have been allocated.

Bottom line, no assembler is needed at all.