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Hi everybody,

Does anyone know how i can look at the records in DDLCATLOD. I was trying t=
o punch a DMCL load module and discovered it was full. The IDMSCATL and IDM=
SCATZ subschemas are not in the SYSDIRL dictionary.

Also, I seem to remember being able to use OCF to display and delete DMCL =
and DBTABLE load modules but it is not fining them.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: IDMS DC Programs and LE COBOL
"The major issue with regard to multiple enclave on or off is related to performance. With ""off"" set a complete LE run time environment is established with greater frequency than with ""ON"" - I can't remember the rules about this (there is excellent section on LE Cobol in CA manuals) - the point is that the option pertains to performance and ought NOT in its own right to cause loops.

You may run into problems if you intermix IDMS-DC TRANSFER to program commands with Cobol CALL commands. You will probably want to do it all one way or the other - and if you use IDMS-DC TRANSFER you will likely not get the benefits of multiple enclave.

One situation to particularly be careful of (and there is a suitable note in the manual) - is the situation where you do a Cobol CALL to a Cobol program that does a pseudo-converse - there is an excellent guide on what to do in this situation - and it does involve turning multi enclave off for the program involved in receiving control after the pseudo-converse.

It is a long time since we did all of this so I am having trouble remembering the details - see the extensive Appendix K in IDMS Cobol DML Reference (Release 16 SP(3) doco) for ""the good oil"" on this topic. If that doesn't clear up any issues that you have then I would suggest resorting to an issue with CA - because of your particular situation is not described then you will need serious help !

HTH - cheers - Gary

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