[IDMSVENDOR-L] Duplicate SR7 records in an index

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 4, 2009
Hello Chris:

I unloaded the data area only. The index name is in the SR7, the SR7 is
a CALC record and the CALC key is the set name. I reviewed the Schema
and there was only one (1) set with the index structure stored in the
index area. I even re-compiled the Subschema and examined it with
IDMSLOOK. Plus remember that I rebuilt the index using the exact same
subschema as the U/R.
After the index rebuild there was one SR7, then I immediately followed
up the index rebuild with the U/R and immediately after the U/R there
were two
(2) SR7 records again in the index area.

I think that it has something to do with the EXTEND SPACE and the fact
that an SR7 is a CALC record? I have never had an index area that was
EXTENDED before; this is a first for me. I should have fixed it before
the index rebuild.

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