Journal Offload with Fastaccess

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 15, 2009
Having been a former board member, I know I can get some straight
information here. We have recently converted to unloading our journals
using Virtual Tape (VTL) We have noticed very minimal improvement. We
have the ASG product FastAccess. Has anyone used this product to unload
their journals? If so, have there been any issues?

Thanks for any feedback,
Steve Nason
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Re: Journal Offload with Fastaccess
"I have always used QSAM - which is free - to speed up my journal
offloads. It seems to work fine and is very quick.

//SYSIN DD * =20
//SYSIDMS DD * =20
QSAMBUF#=3D30 =20
/* =20

Chris Trayler=20