Started task or Job?

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I recently had the question posed to me: Should we run IDMS-DC as a started task or as a normal job. Is there a preferred way? and why?

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Re: Started task or Job?
"Issues that come to mind are:

1) Security - a manually submitted job will only have the RACF authorities =
of the person who submits the job - so there may be issues in terms of acce=
ss privileges to the databases, journals and so forth - an automated operat=
ions or CA-7 job can have an ""owner"" user id with appropriate authorities

2) System timer issues - I don't know the answer - but I wonder if started =
tasks can run ""forever"" whereas there may be time limits on submitted jobs?=

3) Priorities and workload manager - is it easier to give started tasks hig=
her priorities and preferences to submitted jobs?

I've never given this any thought - when doing initial installs I used to u=
se manually submitted jobs until I had the system set up the way that I wan=
ted it - as I had more control of start up and shut down without operator i=
ntervention (eg. if you can't issue console start task commands and reply t=
o outstanding response). As a matter of course whenever I handed the system=
over to the user site the systems programmers always seemed to set it up a=
s a started task - decision was never up to me.

I know this won't help - but at least here's some food for thought - cheers=
- Gary=20

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