Re:RE: Journal Offload with Fastaccess

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Oct 19, 2009
Hi David

It is a good question. And one to which I don't know the answer - yet. I
can vaguely remember doing the research to come to this arrangement but
it was many years ago and was probably R12 or possibly even R10.2. I
haven't reviewed it since - it has just stayed in the offload job and
now I am R17.

I may well have distributed ""out of date"" advice. I shall review it -
and if it is no longer effective - remove it.

I do know that our offloads go to disk and then afterwards to tape. The
technique certainly wouldn't work with direct tape writing. The intended
target for the QSAM processing is definitely the offloaded journal
archive not the disk journals.

If my advice is an outdated ""red herring"" then I apologise.

Chris Trayler

BTW. It wouldn't be BUFFERSTAT that shows the difference. You might get
some information with QSAMTRACE=ON. I shall try it.