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Hi all - here's information about the CA IDMS Server r17 Beta which =
should be getting underway in a few weeks. Feel free to contact me =
directly if you have any questions about it.


CA IDMS Server r17 Beta Program=20

CA is pleased to invite you to participate in the CA IDMS Server r17 =
Beta Program. Your participation offers you the ability to validate CA =
IDMS Server r17 in your own environment, allowing you to give us =
feedback on product enhancements, quality, and the Beta Program.

Your contribution to this critical product test cycle is directly =
related to the success of the generally available (GA) release of CA =
products and ensures we deliver solutions that are ready to meet your =
real-world requirements.

As a participant in the Beta Program, you will communicate directly with =
the Beta Research and Development team to investigate and address any =
reported problems, questions, or comments.

Key Features:

=A7 ODBC driver enhancements including wire protocol, 3.5 compliance =
and 64-bit support

=A7 JDBC driver enhancements including 4.0 compliance and Hibernate =

=A7 CA IDMS r17 support

=A7 HTML Help System


For more information and to register for the CA IDMS Server r17 Beta =
Program =


For more information on CA's Enhanced Beta Programs and Participation =
Requirements please visit <> .=20




The CA IDMS Server r17 Beta Team


Register now

CA IDMS Server r17 Beta Program =
t.asp> =20


More information


CA Beta Program Disclaimer <> =

Product Description =
ription.asp> =20

System Requirements =
.asp> =20


If you have general questions about CA's Enhanced Beta Program, please =
feel free to send us an email at, =
<,> and someone will get back to you as soon as =


Dave Hearn=20
Sr. Sustaining Engineer=20
tel: +1 302 478-1020 =20

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Re: CA IDMS Server r17 Beta
"Here is some more information:
- We plan the Beta Program to begin in December and continue for about three months.
- So even if you are very busy leading up to the holidays, there will still be testing times in January and February.
- We want enough beta sites so that all features are tested, but don't expect every beta site to test everything.

As Dave said, please let us know if you have any questions and read / register at under CA IDMS Server r17. Thanks, Greg

Greg Beedy
Sr Principal Product Manager
Tel:      +1 508 628 8024
Mobile: +1 508 654 4407