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Dear Listers :

We will be opening a new Disaster Recovery Center in less than a year.

We will be replicating all data to this center from our primary operations using an IBM product called

""Global Mirror"".

All data is replicated at the DASD block level in real time for all volumes.

The primary and secondary sites are not expected to be more than a minute or

two out-of-sync during the heaviest of processing.

All our archive journals are written to disk and then migrated off to tape

after several days.

Also, every day, we do a FLASHCOPY of the entire mainframe complex and do

nightly tape backups of the Flashed volumes.

This also captures all database, disk journals, and journal archives.

With all databases, journals, and even journal archives on disk...


In a true disaster, it seems that recovery is as simple as starting an instance of IDMS at the DR site and

let it go through WARMSTART.

Am I correct about this, or is it more complicated than that?

And if more complicated, I'll have the archives replicated if I have to do more.


Jon Gocher
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Re: Second Data Center for Disaster Recovery
"Ah: I should have read ahead.

So I assume you CAN control this, but it is manual (i.e. through some configuration activity)?

If so this means the DBA staff must ensure any new database files are correctly assigned/registered as changes are made going forward?

Any observed performance hits running in this mode?

Don Casey
Principal Consultant
Run Right, LLC

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Yes, consistency group will include both Journal and DB synchronized

writes so only warm start needed.

Tapes ought to be replicated also over a grid, too . ..

Simple & amazing in elegant high-level ambition . . .

Devil in details.