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We're running the latest IDMSMSVA (as delivered by RO12844) on our SP0 R17 CVs.
No problems so far (crosses fingers, touches wood).
These are SP0 CVs with PTFs applied, including RO09452.

We had the test version of RO12844 for a problem we hit on test and on our UTE system - we saw S378 abends on batch jobs.

We've been told by CA that it is possible to bring the new IDMSMSVA in with CVs up.
There should be no batch (CV or local mode) running, as if they try to do an LMP key check at the exact moment MSVA is being refreshed, they'll fail with a S0C1

Iain Robertson
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R17.0 - z/OS 1.9.

Has anybody out there used the SP1 or post
RO09452,RO11237,RO12844 version of IDMSMSVA with an SP0 system?

I am assured by a ""reliable source within CA"" that the latest IDMSMSVA
is downward compatible. This allows you to run both a SP0 and a SP1 or
APARed IDMS system on a single LPAR with the new version of IDMSMSVA
CAIRIMed into the LPA.

Somebody has clearly done some kind of work in this area to make CA
create RO12844 which was issued today.

I am going to attempt this at the weekend. Has anybody else
done it already?


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"I may have been the reliable source's source.=20
In CA IDMS, we always try to make sure common modules are downward =
This means the SVC, IDMSMSVA and RHDCSSFM which reside in the LPA would =
support all downward releases.
The IDMSMSVA can be refreshed while CVs are up and running. However, if =
you are running BATCH jobs, they could possibly get a S0C1 if they are =
doing an LMP check while the CAIRIM is updating the LPA chain for module =
It is a very small window, but it exists.. fyi
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