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Do not try to mix IDMS releases in a CICS region. This has sometimes
worked in the past, but not this time.

When we upgraded a CV and its CICS region from R16 to R17, the dedicated
task and UCF connections worked, but all of the CICS/IDMS programs
started abending. The symptoms were D002 in RHDCWTL, storage
violations, and DYLD in RHDCLODR.

This CICS region had connections to two other CV's, both of which are
still at R16. Although these connections are no longer used, their
IDMSINTC programs (R16 versions) were still being executed at CICS
startup. Removing these programs from the CICS PLT resolved the

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Re: R17 upgrade tip for CICS
"I'd like to add a point of clarification to Kay's note.

Within a given CICS region, all your IDMSINTC interfaces and your
""mini-CV"" IDMS modules must all be from the same release of IDMS.
Problems will arise if you start an IDMSINTC interface compiled for one
release and try to run it with an IDMS run-time library from another
release. Only one IDMS run-time ""mini-CV"" can be loaded into a given
CICS region.

On the other hand, as long as the IDMSINTC interfaces are from the same
release, they should be able to access IDMS back-end CVs at different
For example,
Compile CICSOPT with CWADISP=4,SYSCTL=SYSCTL04 using R17.0 compile/link
Resulting load module is INTC04.
Compile CICSOPT with CWADISP=8,SYSCTL=SYSCTL08 using R17.0 compile/link
Resulting load module is INTC08.
Bring up CICS region with DFHRPL pointing to a R17.0 IDMS library.
Start both INTC interfaces.
Bring up CV04 under R16.0 with SYSCTL where DSN matches CICS SYSCTL04.
Bring up CV08 under R17.0 with SYSCTL where DSN matches CICS SYSCTL08.

Now applications using CWADISP=4 should be able to successfully access
CV04 at R16.0 while applications using CWADISP=8 should be able to
successfully access CV08 at R17.0.

Mike Mickelsen
CA IDMS Level 2 support