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Hello everyone and Happy New Year to all.

When you do an OBTAIN in a system owned index with a USING can the data
name in the using be anything that you want it to be as long as it is
the same picture and length as the actual key to the index?

We are passing the key from program A to B in a link record and then
trying to do an OBTAIN using the element description in the link record
and we are getting a 4083 error? I think this may be an LE/Cobol error?

William M. Allen, Jr.

ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.

(704) 641-0296
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FW: Developer Question
"You have fallen over the 256 byte problem. It is documented in the DML
Rference Guide for Obtain Using.

Specifies the sort control element to be used in searching the sorted
The symbolic name of a field defined in working storage that contains
the value of the sort control element.
Note: Due to the architecture of the client interface for Advantage
CA-IDMS, 256 bytes will be moved regardless of the actual length of the
working storage sort key. This additional storage should be accounted
for in order to avoid potential program exceptions that can occur. While
these exceptions are rare, they are more probable if the sort-key is
defined in a FILE or LINKAGE SECTION definition. To avoid this problem,
it is recommended that the sort-key be defined in the program's WORKING
STORAGE SECTION, padded to a full 256 bytes; and moved in and out of the

Chris Trayler