Re:FW: Developer Question

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 6, 2010
You have fallen over the 256 byte problem. It is documented in
the DML Rference Guide for Obtain Using.

Specifies the sort control element to be used in searching the
sorted set.
The symbolic name of a field defined in working storage that
contains the value of the sort control element.
Note: Due to the architecture of the client interface for
Advantage CA-IDMS, 256 bytes will be moved regardless of the
actual length of the working storage sort key. This additional
storage should be accounted for in order to avoid potential
program exceptions that can occur. While these exceptions are
rare, they are more probable if the sort-key is defined in a
FILE or LINKAGE SECTION definition. To avoid this problem, it
is recommended that the sort-key be defined in the program's
WORKING STORAGE SECTION, padded to a full 256 bytes; and moved
in and out of the FILE or LINKAGE SECTION fields.

Chris Trayler