Question for the DBA's.

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 20, 2010
We have a very large area, that is split between two files.
We want to split this area into 10 files, merely by DFSORTING by page
number and then stuffing the pages into the appropriate file. The
segment/dmcl definition will be changed accordingly. No unload/reload
is planned, due to the time constraints. So far, so good? Now we also
want to do an expand page, after the area has been split into 10 files.

This all sounds fine to me, but I am thinking about the SMI, which will
be changed to the appropriate size for the expand page, but is the space
management interval computed differently depending on the number of
files in an area? Or is space management interval planning done
strictly on the page range and page size?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Lutz Petzold
Page 860 366 0865 or Telalert

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Re: Question for the DBA's.
"I have done this several times, creating as many as 16 files.
1. Determine how many file you want
2. Find an SMP page for the beginning of each new file.
Page size - 32 / 2 should get you each SMP page.
3. Create a sort extracting each page range by db-key that you want, or
just the number of pages in a file.=20
4. Run the sorts that create the new files that you want.
5. Make changes to a Test DMCL modifying the area with the new Files and
Page ranges.
6. Add the new files to your database file startup deck or proc.
7. Run a space report for the old area and old files.
8. Run a space report for the old area and new files.
9. The results on the space, number of pages, and records should be
Ok, maybe it's not that simple, and it took some research and testing to
get it to work, but its implementation was very easy and successful.

Del Barlett
Database Administrator
NH Department of Information Technology
Operations, DoS
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