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I have done it using SYNCSORT, but I see no reason why DFSORT would not
work just as well, use the COPY option, the pages are already sorted in
the sequence you need them.
Any utility or program that can read one file and write to different
output files based on the number of records read in will work. The SORT
utilities are usually preferred because they require very little coding.

Don't worry about the SMPs, the SMI is based only on the original page
size, and the number of files do not affect it. The expand page does
not change the number or locations of the SMPs.

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We have a very large area, that is split between two files.
We want to split this area into 10 files, merely by DFSORTING by page
number and then stuffing the pages into the appropriate file. The
segment/dmcl definition will be changed accordingly. No unload/reload
is planned, due to the time constraints. So far, so good? Now we also
want to do an expand page, after the area has been split into 10 files.

This all sounds fine to me, but I am thinking about the SMI, which will
be changed to the appropriate size for the expand page, but is the space
management interval computed differently depending on the number of
files in an area? Or is space management interval planning done
strictly on the page range and page size?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Lutz Petzold
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Re: zIIP usage
"Hi John

I haven't measured it formally but I had occasion to turn z/IIP off on a
system the other day for reasons which I won't go into. The following
day the System programmers were in a panic because the CPU was
overloaded and Capping had cut in. They sent me an abusive mail
complaining that I had turned z/IIP off and that I should turn it back
on immediately.

I call that a result.

Chris Trayler =20