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One of my clients has an interesting problem. They're on R17, SP1 and havi=
ng a problem with symbol tables. The dialog in question calls a cobol pro=
gram multiple times, each time passing data to update a table. For example=
purposes, I call the calls A, B and C. When they have symbol tables turne=
d on the dialog works correctly, but when they have symbol tables turned of=
f they only get the data from call b and c.
I know there is an apar out for ADS nested ifs, but the problem description=
seems to be the opposite of what we're seeing. Any ideas?
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Re: ADS Compile problem
"Bob - have the client put a Cobol DISPLAY verb as the first statement in the Procedure Division - including any variables that would help to identify if the processing is for CALL A or B or C - if you are not seeing all 3 in the DC Log then you know the problem is in the ADS dialog for sure - and not a logic problem in the Cobol that sometimes it is not applying the update !

Also - run the ADS with TRACE=CTL on the application initiating statement - so should see all the ""ADS Control"" commands logged to DC Log - this may help to shed light on what is happening when symbol tables are ON and OFF. For example - at Enter Next Task Code: ads-task-code TRACE=CTL, or ADS ads-task-code TRACE=CTL, or variation on this theme.

HTH - cheers - Gary

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