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Hello All:

A few weeks back I asked if anyone remembered the release 12 recommendation

The value that we use is 2000K; the reason that I asked that question was
that I was thinking of decreasing that value because I was running out of

Every time I increased SYSLOCKS my storage pool 0 was growing larger and

John Siraco was gracious enough to get involved and because of information
provided to him and his research he found an old APAR that resolved the
problem completely.

The APAR was LO57740 and it had to do with storage pool 0 exceeding the siz=
specified in the system generation. My SYSGEN said storage pool 0 was 1752K=
but OPER said it was 4,552K and as I said every time I increased SYSLOCKS b=
1,000 storage pool 0 crept up thus reducing STORAGE RETURNED TO OPSYS more
and more.

I have been increasing the SYSLOCKS trying to avoid times in overflow and
overflow allocations.

To summarize; this APAR completely corrected the problem, now OPER says
exactly what the SYSGEN says and the greatest benefit of all was that I
immediately got 3.2 Meg of storage back in STORAGE RETURNED TO OPSYS so I
can continue to increase SYSLOCKS until I stop the overflow conditions,
right now we are up to 250,000 SYSLOCKS.

Many thanks to John Siraco for his continued time and effort in support of

William M. Allen, Jr.

ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.

(704) 641-0296

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Re: FREESTG issue resolved
"Bill: I have found that for each 20meg XA storage added to IDMS, assume a cost of an increase of 40K to region at staratup and roughly 120 less will be returned to the OPSYS (Rough estimate or a SWAG).

Also I've found, that for each file added to IDMS will require about 1k (1,096 bytes) of storage below the line as well to storage pool 0.

This is my experience on my IDMS Release 16.0 system at SP7.

Edward Timm
Sr. Data Administrator - Technical Support
SallieMae Inc.
317-596-1182 (office)