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Hello All:

Does anybody out there have any experiences with the SYSGEN entity PROGRAM =
parameter concurrent/NONconcurrent that they can share?

We have a situation where a business process has changed and we are now exp=
eriencing deadlocks on the CAS CSYPGNUM program (number Generator) and numb=
er generator records.

This appears to be an application bottleneck.

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Re: SYSGEN concurrent VS non concurrent
"We have played with this option in the past. Under the right circumstances it ""may"" cause the desirable effect of single threading through a program resource . If the circumstances aren't right - you may get the ""calling programs"" abending due to ""program not available"". The ""call"" ( or in IDMS-DC a TRANSFER PGM ... RETURN ) must specify ""WAIT"" option to handle the case when the program is not immediately available.

There is another fix for this problem - specifically addressing CSYPGNUM - which is a code replacement for it that front-ends a stand-alone task that acts as a ""next Number Server"" - it is single threaded by using ENQ/DEQ on a piece of shared storage - no change is required to any other components of CAS - it is a complete retrofit that has been proven in production.

The technique has been used for similar purposes in other applications at other sites, as well as for a CAS user where I was contracted to solve a number of bottleneck issues - number generation being one in particular - but there are others! There is a paper, ""Creative Application Tuning Techniques"" that provides a detailed description on how to replace CSYPGNUM to get rid of the deadlocks - permanently and forever -
or at least until you get rid of CAS 8-)

HTH - cheers - Gary

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