Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] automating journal file concatenation

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 16, 2010
We don't do this anymore. It's just too much with 60+ journals a day on one=
Production CV and 40+ a day on the other.
We keep all journals 3 days, after that, there's no going back so what's th=
e point.=3D20 We have flashcopy backups every day, plus Real Time Global Mi=
rroring, so, in our evaluation of the various recovery scenarios, when bala=
nced against the daily overhead and aggravation of merging tapes never to b=
e accessed again, the ROI just isn't there.
I think the rationale for merging tapes was both to provide a daily recov=
ery tape and to free up tapes in the library -- but cpu and IO is precious =
to us and tapes are cheap -- especially with VTS.