Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] COBOL Compile issues under IDMS 17.0 SP1

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 1, 2010
yes, applying the optional bits certainly is an immediate short term but .=

It is strongly recommended to leave DML084 as an error that
will result in an RC=3D8 from the IDMSDMLC step. As programs are
recompiled for r17, the syntax for any FIND/OBTAIN USING DML
should be corrected to comply with the current syntax.

one never knows how forgiving the next release of IDMS will be

Chris Hoelscher
IDMS/DB2 Database Architect
Humana Inc

you only need to test the programs that you want to work correctly

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Date: 03/01/2010 08:20 AM
Subject: Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] COBOL Compile issues under IDMS 17.0 SP1
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RO12491 and the setting on OPT00309 will get you a CC=3D3D4 and adding OPT0=
03 will get you back to a cc=3D0. We installed it and it works.