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(From a non-ADS programmer.) Is it possible to do ""GET STORAGE"" and ""PUT
STORAGE"" commands in ADS code? I don't see them in the ADS reference guide.

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Re: ADS question

ADSO manages its own records storage in RBBs during execution time.
Each record is managed inside the RBBs with an RBE containing a descriptor
followed by the record data itself.
If you want to get storage allocated you would need to define one or several
different work records reflecting the different size and attach it/them in
ADSC to the dialog to get the allocation done by the ADSO environment at

For example, if you need 4 K and 8 K, you would define one work record
containing one or several elements for a total space of 4K and another work
for 8K. These 2 work records will be attached to the dialog using ADSC. When
the dialog starts, ADS will allocated 2 RBE's controlled by 1 or 2 RBB's
depending on your sysgen options for ADS.

Hope this helps

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Lots of good suggestions here.

Several people have asked why we want to do this. As Tom has guessed, the
issue is a need for widely variable amounts of storage. We have a series of
DC-COBOL programs that pass data to and from each other. The size of the
data varies from tiny to huge. There is no upper limit, other than the
amount of storage available. Scratch and queue records require defining the
maximum size in the program, which is not practical in this case. So we use
storage instead. I would like to do something similar with ADS dialogs so
that they can communicate with the DC-COBOL programs.