Re:Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] Separate DMCL for Log and Journal Jobs

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 2, 2010
but - what - in the 12.0 + world - is a ""local mode"" DMCL? i did not
think IDMS made any such distinction as it did back in the pre 12.0 days

Chris Hoelscher
IDMS/DB2 Database Architect
Humana Inc

you only need to test the programs that you want to work correctly

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Re: ADS question
"Why not write a program that has appropriate functions, allocate,
de-allocate, insert, delete, get first, get next, get last, etc. This is
what CAS did and it was called CSYPUTBL. The program was called from a
dialog with a control record which was used to manage the table(s). Notice I
said table(s). CSYPUTBL could manage multiple tables for a single dialog
simply by passing different control records. Part of the control record was
the anchor to the table's storage that was allocated on the allocate call.