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S0F8-4 problem with ZIIP=Y explanation.
Date Simulator products require PTF RI05855 to be applied to the RHDCOMVS
module and to the startup module if you do not use RHDCOMVS in your startup.
This PTF was created for Date Simulator products which require that all
STORE CLOCK instructions issue an SVC that calls the DATE SIMULATOR product.
If you are using zIIP processing, our code offloads work to zIIP processors.
When running with ZIIP=Y, you are actually running under an SRB and not under
a TCB.
It is ILLEGAL to issue an SVC if you are not running in TCB mode.
Here is a description of S0F8 Reason Code 4.
S0F8 -
Explanation: The issuer of a Supervisor Call (SVC) instruction was not in
the correct mode to issue the SVC. A hexadecimal reason code in the
RTM2CRC field of the RTM2WA data area explains the error:

Code Explanation

04 The issuer was in a mode other than task control block (TCB)
Since Date Simulator products require that our STCK instructions be zapped
with an SVC call, you can NOT run ZIIP=Y on a CA IDMS CV that is using
Date Simulator products.
You will always get S0F8 abends when you have the SVC zap replacing the
STCK (STORE CLOCK) instructions and ZIIP=Y on the startup parm.
CA IDMS CVs that use Date Simulator products must run with ZIIP=N.

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Re: S0F8 with Date Simulator & ZIIP : R17 0F8 zIIP date
"Kay is correct. Only Date Simulators that require an SVC replacement for
all STORE CLOCK commands are ineligible to run CA IDMS with ZIIP=3DY.
They will abend with the S0F8 Reason Code 4.
Some products I know that are affected:
CA Allfusion Date Simulator, formerly TransCentury Date Simulator.
Formerly Advantage Date Simulator, formerly TransCentury Date
Sometimes popularly known as ""TimeWarp"".

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