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then perhaps the real question becomes:

does Ms Kline need this information real time as it happens, or can
daily reports suffice

if the latter, then certainly the log can be interrogated and all
necessary information can be retrieved
if the former - good luck - even if you sat all day executing lockmon
you MIGHT see stalls building, but many deadlocks could come and go
between two hits of the ENTER key

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Re: Access to Lock Data Used in PMRM?
"Chris is correct - these are ""long term locks"" which can be held across a p=
seudo-converse (when there is no active task), as contrasted to Database lo=
cks which can only be held during an active database run unit (which can no=
t exist when there is no active task).=20

In ADS there are ""implicit locks"" placed automatically by ADS (there are wa=
ys to manage this through sysgen and compile options), and explicit long te=
rm locks that can be placed by application code. During the pseudo-converse=
the long term resources are transferred from the active task (TCE) resourc=
e chain to the LTERM resource chain.

HTH - cheers - Gary=20

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