Running Perf Mon Reports from SMF

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Accidentally deleted the original e-mail - for which I apologise in advance=

I believe what you are looking for is a job called PMSMFEX - or something t=
o that effect. What it does is extracts the Performance Monitor data that i=
s on SMF and puts it into a format that looks like the data has come from t=
he log. You can then run whatever Performance Monitor reports that you want=
to run against either the extracted Perf Mon data from SMF, or against the=
DC Log.

Long time ago, no Perf Mon manuals handy - so I'm grasping here - but I see=
m to recall that is the process. There is some sample SMF extract JCL in th=
e Perf Mon manual!

HTH - cheers - Gary=20

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Re: Running Perf Mon Reports from SMF
"PMSMFEX in member 'DLODPRPT' of the DISTSRC library.

The original R17 version contains an error which causes it to select no records. This is fixed on the R17 SP1 tape.