Re:Re: Convert IDMS DDL to Relational DDL

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 31, 2010
Any vendor with a database replication tool will have such a utility - for =
example ISP, ObjEx, I'm not sure but I think ASG also - and there may be ot=
hers I'm not aware of.=20

In a pinch - you could even talk to CA - they have a powerful data modeller=
suite that accepts DDL from all sorts of sources and ""normalises"" to a rel=
ational form in order to generate most types of DDL output - used to be cal=
led Erwin Data Modeller I think.

Disclaimer - I have no business arrangements with any of the vendors mentio=
ned other than I have come to know of their products through my work as a c=
onsultant and by attending IUA and CA-World conferences. Mention of a vendo=
r or product is not a recommendation for either. Please note disclaimer in =
signature block.

HTH - cheers - Gay =20

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