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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 1, 2010
Does anyone know of, or have, a program\routine that can be used to convert IDMS DDL to relational DDL (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server) and vice versa? We want to be able to reverse engineer IDMS schemas into PowerDesigner for model documentation purposes.

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David A. Kobb
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Re: Convert IDMS DDL to Relational DDL
"What is it about a company the size and prominence of CA that has tools tha=
t do not support their own tools? ERWIN appears not to provide IDMS support=
, and CA Intertest supports CICS, IMS-DC, batch and so forth - but can not =
be used for Cobol running in IDMS-DC! Hmmmm - make one wonder sometimes!

Take care - cheers - Gary =20

Gary Cherlet
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